Statement of Belief

The following is the statement of belief from Through The Bible Publishers, developers of DiscipleLand curriculum, as stated in the DiscipleLand Bible Curriculum Resource Guide.

We Believe…

The one, true God exists in the form of three distinct and equal persons – Father, son, and Holy Spirit.


The Bible is God’s inspired, inerrant message to all people. In His Holy Word, God has revealed eternal truths that shall ever remain humankind’s final authority for all matters pertaining to life and faith.

Jesus Christ is truly God and truly Man. He was conceived by the Holy Spirit, born of a virgin, and lived without sin, in perfect obedience to the Father. Christ performed great miracles and explained the kingdom of God, but was rejected by His people. He died on the cross for the sins of others, was buried, and rose victoriously to live forever.

All people are sinful by nature and deed, yet can be forgiven by God’s grace through faith in Jesus Christ. All who genuinely trust Christ are regenerated by the Holy Spirit and united with Him for eternity.

The Holy Spirit is fully God. He convicts the world of sin, indwells believers, empowers Christians to live holy lives, and distributes spiritual gifts for the edification of the Body of Christ.

Jesus Christ’s return is imminent. He will gather all who believe in Him and will establish His kingdom. All who reject Jesus Christ will endure eternal punishment in hell while those who place their faith in Christ will enjoy eternal life in heaven with Him.

Bible Translation Independent

  • Students and teachers can use their preferred Bible translation.
  • Student Disciple Guide and Disciplezone.com give Bible location of memory verse and Bible readings.
  • Children learn to locate verses in the Bible.
  • Memory verse – from child’s own Bible

Discipleship Focus

  • DiscipleLand is a response to Christ’s command to go and make desciples. The intent of DiscipleLand is to partner with teachers and parents to lead children to know God intimately, love God passionately, and serve God selflessly.
  • A great step in addressing the falling away from church of post High School kids.
  • Disciple Targets are specified so teachers and parents know the discipling steps included in each lesson.
  • Each lesson has been developed to meet specific disciple targets of what the child should know, feel and do.
  • DiscipleLand’s Core Bible curriculum (levels 1-6: equivalent to grades 1-6) teaches 1 disciple skill per quarter, 4 per level for a total of 24 discipleship skills. These skills are listed in the scope and sequence for Core Bible.

Mission Focus

  • Each lesson in the Core Bible component of the DiscipleLand curriculum (Levels 1 to 6: equivalent to grades 1-6) includes a WorldWatch section that helps children to understand the importance of world missions in spreading the gospel message.
  • Biographies and Vignettes of missionaries are presented to provide a foundation for the children to develop an interest in participating in world missions.
  • Each lesson in Core Bible includes exposure to unreached people groups.
  • Downloadable materials are available for teachers to provide additional missions education.


  • The DiscipleLand Core Bible curriculum (Levels 1-6: equivalent to grades 1-6) includes a DiscipleZone section in each lesson. This section is designed as take-home material and directs children to the DiscipleZone.com site for additional activities.
  • Parents can work with their children on disciplezone.com and curriculum teachers can connect with their children during the week using DiscipleZone.
  • This is a safe web site for both kids and parents. It includes great activities in addition to the DiscipleLand lesson.
  • Check it out for all the components included, including WorldWatch and HymnNotes.


  • DiscipleLand has a blog to provide additional information on usage of the DiscipleLand curriculum and on discipleship of children.
  • Discipleblog.com includes contributions from a variety of people interested in the discipleship of children and wanting to share ideas, information and experiences.
  • Discipleblog.com provides a forum for discussion on the reasons for the drop-out from church of youth after high school and how DiscipleLand helps to address this issue.
  • New items are added frequently and older ones are archived for reference.

Emphasis on Life Application

  • Each lesson in the DiscipleLand curriculum includes Disciple targets that teach children to know, see and do.
  • To know” is information from the Bible.
  • “To feel” is the emotion felt based on the information.
  • “To do” is the life application portion of the lesson. Children are encouraged in each lesson to apply during and after the lesson what has been learned during the lesson.
  • Core Bible weaves knowledge plus character plus conduct into 24 sequential quarters of curriculum.

Partnering with Parents

  • In the DiscipleLand material, the developers emphasize opportunities for session leaders to partner with parents in the discipleship of their children.
  • Each Student Disciple Guide in Preschool (ages 2-5) and Kindergarten includes a take-home double page that has a page of suggestions for parent involvement.
  • Each Student Disciple Guide in Core Bible (levels 1-6) includes a double page for the parents to help them understand the targets of the quarter, the focus of each of the 12 lessons, how to work with their children in discussing the material covered, and also includes a letter to the parents from the teacher with suggestions for their involvement.
  • Disciplezone.com encourages parents to visit disciplezone with their child, especially at the ages of 6-10.
  • Disciplezone.com provides parents with detail to understand the discipleship process for their child and provides recommendations for parent involvement.
  • 48 tips to parents on discipling their child are included throughout Core Bible levels 1-6.

Downloadable Resources

  • A wide range of additional activities and teaching aids are available at DiscipleLand.com/downloads to supplement lesson material for added explanation, for alternatives to recommended lesson material options that might better meet individual teaching styles and areas of interest, or to expand the lesson time. Available for Kindergarten, Core Bible, and Adventure.
  • Christian schools may find this material useful to extend each lesson to two one-hour sessions and thereby cover each quarter’s 12 lessons and the 1 review session in 23 hours. The four quarters in each level, for a total of 92 hours, therefore fit comfortably into a school year.
  • Additional material is available for teachers to use in Missions Education.

Non-dated Curriculum

  • Non-dated curriculum enables the Children’s Ministry Leadership flexibility to schedule children’s curriculum sessions as felt appropriate and to intersperse special event material such as seasonal celebrations.
  • DiscipleLand provides additional resource material so that sessions can be expanded as the Leadership feels appropriate and allowing freedom from the time pressure of completing each quarter of material by a specified date

Specific Themes Material

  • DiscipleLand includes 4 Adventure programs with specific themes that are appropriate for Sunday School, mid-week, children’s church or as a child’s personal study during a time such as family vacation.
  • Adventure Leader Guide provides 12 lessons and 1 review lesson.
  • Adventure themes available are Christian Essentials, Spiritual Fruit, The Bible, and Life of Christ.
  • DiscipleLand curriculum includes Easter and Christmas lesson packets for 12 students in both Preschool and Core Bible.

Disciple Targets

  • Each quarter’s teacher guide begins with clearly stated Disciple Targets so that both teacher and parents know how to support the material included in the quarter.
  • Each of the 12 lessons in each teacher guide has specific disciple targets that help the teacher to focus the lesson’s activities.