DiscipleLand™ partners with you to guide kids to reach their peak potential as disciples of Jesus Christ. A complete Bible learning system, DiscipleLand helps you lead children to know God intimately, to love Him passionately, and to serve Him selflessly.

DiscipleLand offers a family of resources ideal for Sunday school, mid-week, Christian school, and other settings:

DiscipleLand Nursery

DiscipleLand Preschool launches children ages 3-5 to begin walking with God. Preschoolers establish a solid foundation through 200 different Bible stories.

DiscipleLand Kindergarten inspires kids ages 5-6 to follow amazing Bible heroes. Children grasp God’s plan and purpose as they overview the entire Bible.

DiscipleLand Core Bible challenges children in grades 1-6 to become victorious disciples. Kids are equipped for Christian service through 24 quarters of sequential Bible curriculum.

DiscipleLand Adventure motivates kids in grades 1-6 to pursue their discipleship journey. Children travel to exciting locations around the world to experience topical Bible adventures.

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